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Who Are We?

Our business deals with informing fans of the best picks available pertaining to combat sports. This concept has been tried and tested, but most groups tend to shy away from expanding to multiple platforms. We strive to co-ordinate between all available online avenues (Twitter, YouTube, website/blog, podcast). We will be participating in breaking down premier fights in advance; to best inform the user, who will then be able to enjoy the events even more. Our podcast launched in April, 2018 and we look forward to growing in 2020!

Our Story

Fight Night Picks was created in April 2018 by Craig Allen. The goal is simple, to deliver analysis and opinions on lesser covered combat sports to provide a little more for everyone. Located in Fredericton, New Brunswick gives us a unique advantage and the ability to also cover local fights in the Maritimes and New England.

Meet the Team

We’re very excited to bring you the best fights available, and offer a better way to enjoy fight night!

Craig Allen

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I love to break down and analyze fights! Whether it’s covering live events in the local Maritime and New England scene or heading our fight companions and live shows, I look forward to bringing a different perspective to each and every fight!

Next Steps…

We hope to bring you the best analysis of marquee fights each week. Visit us on YouTube , iTunes and Spotify today!