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Bones, McGregor, Contracts & More! – Early Stoppage Ep. 3

In the third episode of Fight Night Picks’ Early Stoppage hosts Craig Allen and John Franklin dive into the world of MMA and some of the biggest topics affecting the sport!

The Rundown

UFC’s Stance on BLM – 1:40
Conor McGregor’s GOAT Conversation – 11:40
Jon Jones and Fighter Compensation – 15:55
Triple C Retires, Fate of the Division – 23:22
Who’s Next for Kamaru Usman? – 30:12

Was Dana White Right About Trying to Keep the MMA Economy Going? – 34:54

Hate the Player, Hate the Game? – 42:12

Shouts to MMA Reddit – Start the Conversation – Fighter Contracts, Scaling Based on Divisions -1:07:53

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