FLA 2: Back to Work – Live Results

The Moncton Coliseum plays host to an 10-fight slate this October 16 (Photo Credit: Fight Night Picks)

We’re set to go live from the Moncton Coliseum in Moncton, New Brunswick bringing you live play-by-play coverage of FLA 2! There are 10 scheduled amateur fights on the card with the night’s main event a vacant heavyqweight title fight between Hank Anderson (3-2) and Jordan Noseworthy (3-3)!

Am. Featherweight Bout Between David Chapman (0-0) and Aaron Vantassel (0-0)

Aaron Vantassel celebrates post-fight after his first round submission win

Round #1: In the blue corner we find Vantassel, in the red corner Chapman. Action “kicks” off with a head kick by Vantassel working from the orthodox stance, Chapman in southpaw. Vantassel misses on a kick and slips, down to the mat and Chapman agrees. Vantassel working on a leg lock, with Chapman in on his own. Vantassel stands and readjusts, working from guard, powering into half. Vantassel again readjusts and gets bucked, now Chapman is on top of North-South position. Vantassel grabs for the appendage and is in on an armbar from the bottom and gets the submission.

Aaron Vantassel by armbar at 2:09 of round one

Am. Heavyweight Bout Between Chris Vickers (0-0) and Fabian Ixkes (0-0)

Touch of the gloves at the start of the action

Round #1: Vickers in blue, Ixkes in the red corner. Hooks and a wild start for Vickers. Vickers works in and Ixkes wraps him up along the cage. Underhooks for Vickers with his back to the cage, knees from Ixkes and quickly gets tripped into a takedown. Vickers from top, adjusts and with Ixkes onto a knee Vickers moves to the back. Ixkes presses back and spins with Vickers now working against the cage. Vickers grabs guillotine and it’s loose. Now Ixkes in a seated mount landing shots. Vickers bucks the hips and pushes Ixkes off, now working from top positionas the clock wanes. Round one Ixkes 10-9 in a wild flurry of action

Round #2: Tap of the gloves, Ixkes pressing the action with a leg kick, now to the body which is caught and Vickers gets the takedown. Vickers on top, Ixkes rolls and Vickers has the neck. They stand, they clinch and Ixkes pushes into another takedown, which is reversed by Vickers. 50/50 position and with Vickers in on his own takedown, Ixkes uses his weight to gain the upper hand. Ixkes on top, into side control and a head and arm choke. Vickers escapes but Ixkes continues to pressure. Ixkes has control of the neck with his left arm, hand with his right and applying all of his weight. A break and a standing rear-naked choke from Ixkes before the end of the round. 20-18 Ixkes

Round #3: Vickers lands a body kick, Ixkes pressures forward in conbination and earns the takedown. Ixkes working the back, has a body triangle and now rolls with the rear naked choke in hand.

Fabian Ixkes by rear naked choke at 1:07 of round three

Am. Middleweight Bout Between Gordon Jewers (0-0) and Brett Dwyer (0-0)

Round #1: Dwyer in blue, Jewers in the red corner. Body kick from Jewers, Dwyer counters and ends up with the takedown solidly. Dwyer working the hands in an attempts at a kimura, now in half guard. Plenty of shoulder pressure from Dwyer who’s positioning to mount and working Jewers arm, straight armbar and it’s locked in.

Brett Jewers by armbar at 1:45 of round one

Am. Welterweight Bout Between Anthony Sloan (0-1) and Alex Thompson (0-0)

Round #1: Thompson in the blue corner, Sloan in red. Thompson in southpaw and Sloan from the orthodox stance. Sloan out hot and heavy early crashing distance. Thompson catches a beat, hammers forward with an underhook and blasts hammer fists to the thigh of Sloan against the cage. Thompson working the clinch, knee to the body, head pressure in place. Sloan is doing his best to stay busy in a bad situation, Thompson drops and rides a double leg takedown. Thompson in side control, time his enemy at this stanza. Thompson secures the mount, Sloan grabbing hold and riding out the round. Thompson 10-9

Round #2: Big body kick by Thompson, slams a takedown and again on top to start the round. Thompson in mount and hammering away. Sloan tries to float his hips and Thompson readjusts and he’s riding a big wave in this second round. Thompson grabs the arm and snags a nasty arm lock at full extension.

Alex Thompson by Americana at 2:09 of round two

Am. 133 lbs Bout Between Maria Clinton (0-0) and Abbie Wainwright (0-0)

Round #1: Blue corner from Gracie’s will be Clinton, red corner from Summerside Mixed Martial Arts is Wainwright. Orthodox looks from both fighter and big actions as both trade in the phone booth. Wainwright lands from afar, Clinton gets her opponent to back up and now landing with Wainwright backing to the cage. Wainwright reverses position and has a half collar landing knees. Nice toss from Clinton and she gets the takedown and working from top position which is short lived and Wainwright is up and now eating shots. Wainwright now pressing the action towards the cage, gets the pressure takedown and has less than a minute to work. Wainwright on top with Clinton handfighting, Wainwright holding an arm, gets into mount and ends the round in position. 10-9 Wainwright (very close first round that could have gone either way)

Round #2: Both fighters trade on the feet, alternating body kicks. Wainwright with a leg kick, Clinton flurries back and hammers in an uppercut. Wainwright from southpaw and lands, they clinch and break. Good three strike combination from Clinton, Thai clinch from Wainwright seems a specialty. Wainwright presses the action against the cage and Clinton scurries away. Wainwright using her size well in the second, good body work from Clinton on a right hook. Clinton continues to find a home for her shots, Wainwright blitzes in and uses size to get the action down ending in good position. Another back and forth round, very close to call. 19-19 through two

Round #3: Both meet in the centre yet again, Wainwright pressuring forward and eats a right hand. Three punch combo lands for Clinton, Wainwright not backing away. Wainwright gets countered but she’s adjusted well to Clinton’s game and presses the action against the cage. Throw by Clinton sends Wainwright to the mat, she gets up and they hammer in the centre. Clinton keeps feeding the right, Wainwright pressures and falls. Wainwright landing the low kick but the accumulation continues for Clinton. Wainwright working the takedown, knee in the clinch with time a premium. Wainwright hammers the body from the clinch, Clinton gets out and keeps throwing the left hand. 29-28 Clinton but a close fight and FOTN so far

Winner: 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 Clinton

Am. Featherweight Bout Between Robbie Robles (0-0) and Matt Harnish (0-0)

Matt Harnish celebrating a quick first round submission win

Round #1: Blue corner from is Robles, red corner is Harnish. Southpaw look from Robles, orthodox from Harnish. Robles dancing on the outside and gets taken down by Harnish. Harnish working from half guard, Robles reverses position and finds an opportunity to get on top. Harnish grabs and arm and locks in the armbar.

Harnish by armbar submission at 1:25

Am. Welterweight Bout Between Matt MacDonald (0-0) and Josh LeBlanc (1-0)

Matt MacDonald works from top position against Josh LeBlanc

Round #1: LeBlanc in the blue corner, MacDonald in red from the Island to a sea of mainland boos. MacDonald in the southpaw stance and they clinch as MacDonald stalks and plays from distance. Thai stance from MacDonald and LeBlanc content bouncing from afar. MacDonald feeds him the uppercuts, they clinch and it’s more of the same. Now LeBlanc lands his own combination, back to circling along the perimeter. MacDonald prodding to create distance, LeBlanc darts in and land a heavy hook. MacDonald grabs a single leg against the cage, unsuccessful and now into a Thai clinch. Knees landing, MacDonald dips down and gets the taekdown. MacDonald in side control, he’s afforded little time to work with heavy shoulder pressure. MacDonald 10-9

Round #2: MacDonald hits the body, kicks continue and now LeBlanc fights back and hits against the defences. MacDonald with a one two and countered with his hands down on the reset. LeBlanc lands a left cross to the chin and he’s finding success from the lefty side of things. Kick from MacDonald countered by LeBlanc who seems to have found his groove. Both fighters locked in a back-and-forth affair, trading shots. Nice body kick and a tie up from MacDonald to end the round. Tough call, 10-9 LeBlanc with the effective shots

Round #3: Anyone’s fight here late! Tap of the gloves and MacDonald ranges from distance, landing kicks from afar and a big one finds a home. MacDonald slams LeBlanc who’s in on a tight guillotine, MacDonald pushing the shoulder into the neck and he’s in his world. LeBlanc scrambles, gets in an awful position and into a full armbar. MacDonald loses the submission and gets on top into mount, less than a minute remaining. LeBlanc doing a good job of keeping things stagnant and holding onto his opponent. 10-9 MacDonald (29-28 MacDonald)

Winner: 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 MacDonald

Am. Light Heavyweight Bout Between Rob Logan (0-1) and Thomas Johnson (0-0)

Round #1: Logan out to Lamb of God in the blue corner, Johnson in red. Feeling out process, Logan on a leg kick and they clinch. Johnson in on a leg, unable to get it and they break. Johnson is putting together combinations at will. He unloads a barrage against the cage, Logan responds but a cold cocked right hand finds a home. Logan isn’t out of the woods but he’s still in it! Right hgand lands for Johnson again, uppercut lands. Johnson is having a time here tonight, Logan keeps eating the rights but he’s tough as it gets. Johnson gets the takedown and the round ends. 10-8 Johnson

Round #2: Johnson controlled every aspect of the first round but expended a ton of energy, let’s see what we get here in the second. Logan storms out of the gate and Johnson returns fire. Johnson is back to the centre and this fight is at his distance and pace. Logan lands a glancing right hand, finding his space with the hooks. Johnson slowing down after a frantic first but Logan picking his shots and unable to get into rhythm. Jabs from Johnson, left scores for Logan and a straight right for Johnson. Logan looking for counters on the outside, two straight rights land for Johnson who clinches up with less than a minute remaining. Shoulder pressure from Johnson as Logan whirls back. Logan lands a heavy left hook, both men exchange at the end of the round. 10-9 Johnson

Round #3: Logan in need of a finish, landing his rights over and over. Arm punches from both fighters, heavy leg kick lands for Logan. Johnson working his pace, clinches up and Logan pushes him off. Logan hits a wild hook that stuns Johnson and a flurry back ends it!

Rob Logan by TKO at 1:04 of round three

Am. Welterweight Co-Main Event Between Mathieu Tarantini (1-0) and Drake Farrell (1-0)

Round #1: Advanced amateur rules in effect with punches legal to an opponent on the ground. In the blue corner Tarantini, Farrell in red. High stance from Tarantini who presses the action to the cage and the mat. Tarantini in half guard with Farrell in a half spot against the cage. Farrell has his opponent wrapped up, legs corked but now one butterfly hook in. Farrell stalling the offence, now in full butterfly guard. Tarantini resets and gets back in position. Farrell trying to make the best out of a bad position, getting creative but Tarantini gets the back on a scramble and lands shots. 10-9 Tarantini

Round #2: Tarantini eats a leg kick from Farrell, and another at distance. Farrell doing a great job of slapping more kicks from range as Tarantini tries to figure out the length. They flurry and Farrell gets the best of the exchange. Tarantini is in on a takedown attempt, hands clasped, he drops and gets the position. Tarantini in guard, his corner Gavin Tucker shouting instructions over the crowd. Tarantini is caught in a submission, arm in tight. Farrell squeezes, Tarantini’s out and he lands on top. 10-9 Farrell

Round #3: Close fight so far and could be Tarantini up two after the second. Tarantini with a head kick, eats a right hand for his troubles. Hands much lower for Tarantini in the third. Farrell lands a heavy right of his own, big uppercut in the clinch and as Tarantini closes in he gets a massive takedown. Butterfly for Farrell, Tarantini stacks and resets with pressure. Farrell doing the bulk of the work from bottom, ties up a triangle and lands his own shots with his back to the mat as the round begins to close. Very close round, 10-9 Farrell (29-28 Farrell but a tough one to score!)

Winner: 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 Drake Farrell, eruption of confusion, boos and cheers from the fans

Am. Heavyweight Title Main Event Bout Between Hank Anderson (3-2) and Jordan Noseworthy (3-3)

Round #1: Anderson in the blue corner walks out to no song, eerie start as the crowd shuffles restlessly. Noseworthy picks it up in the red corner, “Fall” by Nasty & Madchild. Strikes on the ground legal by way of the advanced amateur ruleset. Noseworthy towers over Anderson here, Anderson circles on the outside. Long jab hits for Noseworthy, presses up and hits a big trip takedown on the momentum of Anderson. Noseworthy on top and working from half guard and holding the pressure and pace. Noseworthy softening up the action with ground and pound, of course legal under these modified rules. Noseworthy into mount, Anderson holding on as best as possible. Noseworthy on a head and arm, back to ground and pound, now goes armbar and Anderson taps before the end of the round.

Noseworthy by armbar at 2:59 of round one

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