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Matchmaking UFC Returns – Dominick Cruz, Nick Diaz, GSP & More!

“Parry & Counter”, where we answer your MMA related fan questions! Our next question comes to us from “Ajay Gillig” who asks:

“Fans of the UFC are awaiting the return of GSP and Nick Diaz to the octagon. Will it happen and who would you guys want their opponents to be? Maybe they can be paired with each other for a rematch. Lets also throw in both Dominick Cruz and Anthony Johnson to the discussion. Have fun being Mick maynard and Sean Shelby as matchmakers ??”

With rumors of MMA legends making their respective comebacks ever present, we dive deep to see who’s most likely to return and if a return were to happen, who would make for the best possible opponent in each case!

Georges “Rush” St-Pierre – 1:54
Nick Diaz – 6:59
Anthony “Rumble” Johnson – 9:36
Dominick “The Dominator” Cruz – 17:11
Other Possible Returns and Match-Ups – 21:07

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Craig – 110/161
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