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Parry & Counter – Fan Questions

“Parry & Counter”, where we answer your MMA related fan questions! We’re back with an audio only mashup of our popular YouTube series and we’d love it if you at home could add to our mounting list of questions!

Our next question comes to us from “Ajay Gillig” who asks:

“Wasn’t able to get a question In but hope this one makes it for the next episode…
One of Conors coaches was on Ariel’s ESPNMMA podcast and was eyeing a return for Conor on the international fight week card. The discussion seemed to lean toward Gaethje being his next matchup. Now if he wins, that immediately puts him in the drivers seat as the #1 contender. However Im still on the fence that Conor should complete the Diaz trilogy which will ensure his cardio is good and skills are fine-tuned before having to go fight at the top of the light weight division. Or maybe he should wait on that Diaz fight because Hooker could make a case to be next for a title shot with a win over Porier. I’d like to hear y’alls thoughts on this!”

There are certainly plenty of lightweight and welterweight fighters on the list ranging from Justin Gaethje to Jorge Masvial and even a potential trilogy with Nate Diaz. Who do you think is next for the “Mystic Mac”?

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