New weight class leads to improved cardio for PFL’s Chris Wade

Professional Fighters League featherweight contender Chris Wade does not like running. But after he ran more than 70 miles leading up to his decision victory over Anthony Dizy in April, he recognized the benefits of the necessary evil that came from making the 145-pound featherweight limit: namely, he felt fresh in the third round.

Wade spoke to Fight Night Picks’ John Hyon Ko about making the weight, his training camp and his upcoming fight with Arman Ospanov on Thursday, June 10.

“It’s quite a challenge for me (to make 145) because I’m in pretty good shape at 175-180. I carry good muscle and I don’t look bad at the beach,” Wade said. “Going down to 145 pounds, it’s definitely a lifestyle change.”

Chris Wade fought most of his career at welterweight before dropping to featherweight in search of the $1 million reward for winning a season in the PFL. While his first weight cut was easy, he felt he didn’t have his legs in the fight. Still, he came on strong in the third round.

Now he hopes to fine tune his training ahead of his second fight in this season of the PFL.

“Sometimes it takes just a little bit of trial and error to get things right,” Wade said. “My legs are huge for me in a bout and I need them. They have to be a strong. So I’m taking very special care to make sure I have power and spring in those.”

Wade said he has run a fraction of the 70-plus miles he ran the first time around in preparation for a dangerous opponent in Ospanov.

Ospanov, of Kazakhstan, came out of Absolute Championship Akhmat, a promotion Wade knows well.

“I know these guys and how tough they are and where they come from better than anybody,” Wade said. “I don’t overlook these guys. They’re talented everywhere and they don’t quit.”

Still, Wade believes Ospanov is in for a long night against him.

“This is about the life I want for myself and and the money that can change our lives for the better,” Wade said. “He’s going to have to kill me to win this fight.”

The fight is scheduled for the prelims of the PFL card scheduled for 6 p.m. ET on ESPN2. The prelims are broadcast on ESPN+.

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