New England Fights 37: Sub Zero – Live Results

We’re set to go live from a packed Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, Maine bringing you live play-by-play of NEF 37! There are 11 scheduled fights on the card, including two professional bouts and an amateur featherweight title bout between 2018 NEF Rookie of the Year Zac Richard (3-0) and former am. bantamweight champ Fred Lear (6-2)! In the main event Bill Jones (13-11) is set to take on Josh Harvey (5-0-1) for the pro featherweight title!

Live Results:

Amateur featherweight bout between Young’s MMA’s Rob Kiah (1-0) and CMBJJ’s Joe Howard (1-1)

Round #1: Kiah in the red corner, Howard in blue. Both men meet in the middle and Howard lands a hard overhand right. Clinch work and Howard with the takedown. Reversal by Kiah who works from full guard. Kiah into mount and lands hard shots before Howard gets to his feet. Howard in the exchange hits a takedown and he’s in guard. Kiah in side control and to his feet. Round ends with Kiah in mount again, landing a few parting shots. Kiah 10-9

Round #2: Both men exchange again and in the melee Kiah hits another takedown. Working from mounted crucifix Kiah lands short shots, back into side control. Howard getting to his feet and falls into a neck crank by Kiah, who then gets the back mount and slides into a rear-naked choke. Winner by SUB at 1:44 Rob Kiah.

Amateur bantamweight bout between Young’s MMA’s Jordan Young (1-2) and Independent Clifford Redman (0-7)

Round #1: Young in the red gloves, Redman in blue. Redman hits a takedown in the first exchange, quickly reversed. Young working from guard, looking to stack and landing hard shots. Redman gets caught against the fence and pummeled by Young’s shots. Redman looking to get to his feet and gives up his back, Young capitalizes and sinks a rear-naked choke. Young your winner by SUB at 2:01.

Amateur bantamweight bout between CMBJJ’s Nate Boucher (3-3) and First Class MMA’s Dillon Henry (Debut)

Round #1: Boucher in red, Henry making his debut and headed to the blue corner. Boucher going for a judo throw takedown and Henry with good defense to negate the attack. Boucher gains position and landing steady shots as the fight goes to the ground. Henry trying to get to his feet gives up his back and Boucher slips into back mount. Sinks the night’s third RNC. Boucher your winner at 59 seconds by SUB.

Nate Boucher staring down his opponent Dillon Henry ahead of their fight

Amateur women’s flyweight bout between Young’s MMA’s Glory Watson (2-0) and Fearless MMA’s Rachael Lippert (4-2)

Round #1: Watson in red, Lippert in blue. Both landing shots from distance, Watson with kicks to the body. Watson goes takedown and in the exchange Watson gains dominant position against the cage. Watson with knees, looking for a trip takedown but unsuccessful. Watson with underhooks, both women exchanging shots but no movement. Referee paying close attention, could break up the action. Watson pressuring, holding the knee of Lippert and lands one of her own. Watson goes for a late takedown at the end of the round, unsuccessful. Watson 10-9 round 1.

Round #2: Lippert opens round 2 landing good combinations from range. Watson responds with hard leg kicks unansewred by Lippert. Lippert hits a hard right hook that backs up Bangor’s Watson. Watson with a 1-2, Lippert with cage pressure backing up Watson. Watson the aggressor with front kicks and jabs to change tempo. Both women exchange in the centre, and it’s Lippert hitting a takedown. Watson scrambles and catches Lippert in an awkward position at round’s end. Tight round, tied up 18-18 (Round 2 going to Lippert).

Round #3: Very interesting round ahead with both edging for position. Watson hitting combinations to begin the round, Lippert again with forward pressure. Watson hitting 1-2 again and looking for an overhand right but Lippert able to time it and hit a shot of her own before clinching. Takedown and on the fall Watson gets a guillotine. Lippert holds on for seconds and taps. Hometown flyweight Watson takes the fight by SUB at 1:17 of round 3.

A defeated Amanda Lippert looks over to her corner following Watson’s guillotine finish

Amateur heavyweight bout between Young’s MMA’s Roger Ewer (1-0) and First Class MMA’s Bryce Bamford (2-0)

Round #1: Bamford in the blue corner, Ewer at home in red. To be noted, Ewer with thick, almost KSW style gloves. Bamford the aggressor, landing hard shots and wobbling Ewer. Both men exchange and it’s a slobber-knocker. Bamford continues to outland, clinches and hits knees. In the break Bamford stuns Ewer and he falls flat to the canvas. Bamford by KO at 55 seconds.

Ewer in red approaches Bamford to begin their heavyweight contest

Amateur catchweight bout (130 lbs) between Pictou County Jiu-Jitsu’s Brady MacDonald (1-1) and Nostos MMA’s Jake Bagley (Debut)

Round #1: Bagley in the blue, lone Canadian on the card MacDonald in red. MacDonald hitting combinations but Bagley hits a quick double leg. Macdonald gets up, lands a takedown and Bagley is up. Inthe scramble MacDonald gets the back. MacDonald on the back, hand fighting ensues. MacDonald unable to sink the choke and Bagley shakes him off. Bagley unloading bombs, MacDonald trying to answer but unsuccessful. Round ends with a flurry of action from Nostos’ own. Bagley 10-9.

Round #2: Fight starts and no pin in the door. Restart, time for MacDonald to reset. Bgaley pressuring, landing shots. Bagley pushes MacDonald against the cage and continues to land. Bagley tiring and content clinching, has an underhook against the cage. On the break, Bagley continues to land but MacDonald has an iron chin. Hard to believe the Canadian is in the fight. Bagley up 20-18.

Round #3: Bagley the aggressor again, landing and clinching with underhooks. MacDonald still appearing fresh, Nostos corner wanting the fight on the feet and in the break Bagley continues to land. Bagley with continued cage pressure, gets a takedown and working from guard. MacDonald grabs and arm and attempts an armbar but Bagley picks him up and throws Pictou’s own. Bagley caught in a heel hook and gets out, lands shots from top position. Bagley your winner by decision, 30-27.

Pictou’s own Brady MacDonald searching for an arm bar against Nostos MMA’s Jake Bagley

Amateur women’s featherweight bout between Young’s MMA’s Catie Denning (1-1) and First Class MMA’s Amanda Bennett (Debut)

Round #1: Young’s Denning in red, Bennett making her debut and sporting the blue gloves. Bennett pressuring and landing, muay thai clinch looking for knees. Denning with a hard overhand right, Bennett again clinching. Bennett pressuring, still in dominant clinch position but unable to strike. On the break Denning throwing wild shots and Bennett clinches once more. Denning lands another crisp right, Bennett clinches. Corner yelling for knees, Bennett. Both landing shots and it’s Bennett with a welt on top of her right eye. Bennett round 10-9.

Round #2: Bennett again clinching, a break and Denning looking to land the right. Bennett once again clinches and it’s Denning changing position and looking for a single. Bennett, back against the cage and now tardes position. Bennett’s corner yelling for knees. They break and again it’s Denning landing. Bennett clinches, theme of the fight. Break and it’s more from Denning, with Bennett clinching. Fight continues to repeat itself with Bennett pressuring but unable to land takedowns or strikes from dominant position. Denning ends the round by breaking and tying strikes together. Close round, Bennett 20-18.

Round #3: Depending on how the judges saw the second round, this could decide the fight. Denning working from range and landing, crowd behind the Young’s product. Bennett pressuring, clinches. Denning showing signs of fatigue, backing away. Denning looking takedown, Bennett getting an anaconda choke to finish the round. Split decision 29-28 Bennett, 29-28 Denning, 29-28 Denning.

Both women approaching the centre of the cage with Denning in the red gloves and Bennett in blue

Amateur lightweight bout between CMBJJ’s Taylor Bartlett (1-1-1) and The Outlet’s Devin Corson (1-1)

Round #1: Bartlett in the red, Corson in blue. Quickly Corson gets the fight to the ground and gains the back. Takes his time to gain the RNC but it’s Bartlett standing up and shaking him loose. Corson the aggressor on the feet landing a series of kicks and punches. Hits one after the bell. Corson 10-9.

Round #2: Round 1 was all Corson, hitting 3 unanswered shots at the end of the round and another after the bell. Bartlett setting up shots from distance, Corson shoots in and clinches. Corson hitting knees and they break. Corson hits a flush spinning body kick, followed up by uppercuts to the head. Both men exchange and it’s again Corson continuing the offense. Corson getting the fight to the ground and looking for the rear naked. Back mount and finishes the round landing strikes. Corson 20-18.

Round #3: Corson keeping distance, landing a series of kicks and hits a takedown. Corson gets the back and again looking for the choke against the cage. Corson’s wrestling going to good use and keeps position. Bartlett gets up, hits an uppercut that stuns and drops Corson. Corson to his feet and hits a desperation takedown. Ends the round on top and lands a few more shots. UD win for Corson 30-27, 30-26.

Devin Corson looking to sink an early rear naked choke against Taylor Bartlett

Amateur featherweight title fight between Young’s MMA’s Fred Lear (6-2) and Nostos MMA’s Zac Richard (3-0)

Round #1: 2018 NEF Rookie of the Year Richard in blue, former am. bantamweight champ Lear in red. Richard the aggressor, pushing the pace early. Lear goes for a single and is unable to best the state champ wrestler Richard. Richard goes for a whizzer takedown and Lear grabs the fence, referee deducts a point. Clinch work from both, each landing knees and jockeying position. Lear with position against the cage, both break and exchange. 9-9 round due to the point deduction, Lear the more dominant fighter in this round.

Round #2: Lear sinks a guillotine early but Richard pops up and clinches. Lear throwing knees to the right inside of Richard’s leg. Lear’s wrestling on point, negating Richard to this point. Tide turning in favour of Richard late but another winning round for Lear. 19-18 Lear so far.

Round #3: Richard landing combinations, sends Lear on the back foot. Lear clinches against the cage, tense crowd divided. Lear stops Richard’s takedown. They pop up and Richard lands an overhand right followed by stiff shots. Richard goes low and Lear stuff the attempt. Lear gets position, rains shots down. Another round for Lear, 29-27.

Round #4: Inside leg kick and a takedown for Lear. Richard up and they clinch. On the break Richard lands shots of his own. Takedown attempt from Richard is again stuffed by Lear who’s defense has been near perfect. Both up, Richard takedown attempt and it’s again blocked. Late slam by Richard to close out the round but Lear taking another one. 39-36.

Round #5: Richard seemingly needs a finish in front of a packed house. Lear blocks a takedown, gets the back following a wild kick on the break. Richard to his feet as they clinch and he’s on top as Lear pops up. Lear gets the fight to the ground, grabs an arm. Richard scrambles and gets the back but it’s Lear scrambling and gaining position. They flurry and it’s over. Fight ruled a 47-47 draw, crowd boos.

Fred Lear landing shots from top position in the night’s amateur featherweight title fight against Zac Richard

Pro catchweight (180 lbs) between Young’s MMA’s C.J. Ewer (3-2) and The Academy’s Mark Gardner (Debut)

Round #1: “Pockets” Gardner in the blue, Ewer in red. Both looking distance, Gardner the longer fighter. Pockets head kick lands and cuts Ewer above the left eye. Ewer drops and it’s Gardner sprawling, looking for the back. Gardner very adept on the ground, scrambling for position. Gets the back once more and landing shots. Gardner sinking an unorthodox choke, Pockets with the chicken wing, Ewer reverses and he’s working from side control. Corner taking a lot of time with Ewer, fight is called due to cut above his eye. Gardner the winner by TKO corner stoppage at 5:00.

“Pockets” and Ewer stare down at the center of the cage in their co-main event slot

Main Event – Pro featherweight title fight between Nostos MMA’s Bill Jones (13-11) and Young’s MMA’s Josh Harvey (5-0-1)

Round #1: Jones in his second consecutive NEF contest with the blue gloves, Harvey coming off a draw against TUF competitor Joe Giannetti in red. Both men begin by trading kicks, Harvey goes for the takedown and gets into Jones’ butterfly guard. Harvery pressuring on top, gets the back and looking for the choke. Harvey high, Jones looking to stand up, Harvey is on bottom. Jones on top, pressures and Jones signals to ref that he’s injured. Broken arm ends the fight, Harvey your pro featherweight champ. Technical submission victory at 2:19.

Referee calling a stop to the contest due to an injury sustained by Bill Jones. Josh Harvey becoming the NEF featherweight champ
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